Paradise Found in Socrates Park

Arms outstretched
Standing stalwart
Embracing all seasons
Beckoning fellow travelers to

Providing respite
From the brutal heat of life
And shelter from the storm
Soothing verdant foliage bursts against the sky
Many an adventure under your canopy

A veritable aviary
Amidst the urbanscape
Bursting into exultant song, soothing the savage beast
That lurks beneath our walking garments

The flutter of magical beings surround us
Beckon us to put down our daily gear
And come out and play
In the splendor of the grasses

Gentle ripples across the salty inlet
That runs through my soul
Uplifting the vibration
With the spheres of the universe.

Sandy, rocky, crunch
Beneath my feet
Drawing divine earth energy from its core
Rooting me in ancient reality

Deeply inhaling salty, earthy breezes
The scent of mystical stirrings ignite
And a taste of magic whets my appetite
Floating in and out of dreaming consciousness.

With my senses recalibrated
I was lost, but now I am found
In a garden of verdant magic
Facing another day with my superpowers
With Paradise found in Socrates Park.