Down so deep
Can’t surface anymore
Burned to the core

Barely beating heart
Brutalized memories
Is there any chemistry
To revive her

No solid ground
All her feelings bound
Not knowing where to port

Sleep with eyes wide shut
Always praying and hoping
To live another day
To breathe.
The sky is not always blue
There are no absolutes
No respite from the storm
Standing resolute.

Survival of the barely beating heart
Depends on her shape shifting
Gasping for air
Will she dare?

To let a bubble escape
A pinpoint of a shooting star
To flare – to signal
That it’s not DNR

A flutter of hope
A faint beat of bravery
A shadow of a faint light
She chooses life.

Resuscitation brings her back
To rescript and reinvent
And to heal and surrender
To her heart’s tender

Mercies and love and gifts from Above
To revive the barely beating heart of her life
And with open arms she walks
Into a brave new world
Shaken to the core.