October “The Enchanted Goddess Reading Series”


We started a new book, “Something More” by Sarah Ban Breathnach! Wonderful connections and insights were shared! We build bridges within our diverse cultures and communities. This is a refreshing anthology that is a game changer!

 It addresses issues in a cogent and universal way, that speaks to midlife women of all cultures. When women gather, whether to cook, child rear, plan community events or read – alchemy happens! We open up, let out a collective sigh of understanding and of being heard. 

That’s when we are free to make connections, share and build within our communities! Women are the gatekeepers of relationships. Midlife women are the greatest natural resources to our communities! 

We have the wisdom, time and resources to brainstorm and rebuild our lives, our families and our communities. Creativity and collaboration with other women, helps support these visions, and bring them into fruition!


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