‘Tis the Season


  When it is 60 degrees in December, it scrambles your Holiday mojo. We process our lives through our senses. It is not through our mind that memories are created. By living as sentient beings and activating our six senses, is how it is done.

  I am experiencing synesthesia this season. I have not been “feeling” the Holidays, and I love the Holidays! I matter how I “think” about the shopping, decorating and planning the festivities, I just don’t feel it. I barely see the decorated shop windows or process the Christmas music. My wires are crossed – I don’t feel the chill in the air or the cold bite in my palate.

   So the Holidays don’t exist in my world. Decorations still in storage. Lights not hung. Baking hasn’t started. I did send out My Christmas cards and did some shopping though. Tee shirts and sweatshirts in December don’t inspire the Christmas spirit in me. It’s confusing, but I’m not going to panic. Jack Frost will pay me a visit soon.

  And just in time, today with barely one week before Christmas, there was a plunge in temperature. My nose was cold and I needed gloves outside. And like magic, my Holiday mojo was back!  I strung pine garland and lights on my terrace. I got out my Christmas mini trees and decor from storage. Before the night was over, the windows and bookcases were festooned with multicolored lights, warming up my living room. It felt right. It felt festive. It felt like Christmas.

  Tomorrow I’ll get my tree and run with my newly activated Holiday spirit. I only have 6 days until the big day.  Maybe an army of elves will help me with the rest of the shopping, wrapping, decorating, cooking and baking. Thank you Jack Frost for coming just in time!

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