We are blessed, when we become “the light” in the darkness. In the darkness of disappointments, defeat, death in life or love, we can be overcome. In this “season of light” celebrated by so many cultures and religions – we find the light within us.

   It emboldens us to become retrospective and courageous in our lives. We explore the topography of our souls through the decades. Creativity is the conduit for it to reveal, because it bypasses the mind and cultural expectations. 

  We write in a journal, paint, plant seeds, compose music, crochet a blanket of dreams, play an instrument, dance the night away…… This is how our souls become illuminated and the darkness dissipates. 

  Suddenly we can see what path to take. We become “the light” for others in darkness to follow. We share our experience, strength and hope with others. Holidays are like that, especially during Winter Solstice time.

  During this time, I string multiple strands of warm glowing colored lights throughout my home. When the sun goes down at 4:30 pm, my candles and mercury glass orbs light up automatically. I feel welcomed into my home and illuminated in spirit. 

  My soul is uplifted and my dreams activated. There is hope of warmth and long days of light on the horizon.  I pick up a pen and write – as the muse flows through me. I write poetry and prose that charts my path, while speaking to others. I create a warm, loving light filled home, that rises to welcome me and my fellow soul travelers. 

  I chronicle my dreams and desires. I go out and share and celebrate them with my cherished friends and family. I create new adventures for The Enchanted Goddess community. I take creative classes, workshops and webinars. I participate and feature at local Open Mic’s and Poetry Readings. I create with a thriving creative community in Queens – I am illuminated by them!

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