Visions for the New Year


  A fresh page and a fresh start is how we begin each year. Many times we start out with a massive  “to do list” for the upcoming year. Not fun. Not juicy. Not tantalizing. The list becomes the club that we hit ourselves over the head with each day and month that ensues. Hold the phone! We are going to stop doing this right now!

  Let’s focus on the amazing things that happened last year and build on these successes. The new job, new haircut, new creative endeavor, the difficult conversation we finally had, the new friends we made, the risks we took…. Yay!!!! That’s where we start!

    Being grateful for what we have and what we’ve done, is a fertile ground for new dreams and desires to be planted. Tiny seeds reap huge harvests. Water with love, attention and support. Fertilize with action. Write down intentions, journal dreams, take courses and talk about your dreams. The Universe is listening with open arms. 

  This is the year that you start playing guitar, going to the gym, save for a house, explore a new career, new love or start a family. Maybe you want to explore traveling, painting or learning a new language. Just write it down and plant the seeds. Read articles and research about your desires. Just watch the universe rise up to meet you in fulfilling your dreams!

  In my life, 2015 has been a groundbreaking year! I had dreams of being published, starting a “The Enchanted Goddess” group and sharing my message in print media and TV. I planted these seeds in my journals. I researched articles, tore out images that supported my dreams and took creative classes. I wrote my first piece of published work eight years ago and then put it in a draw.

  I moved, divorced and left my long term career in teaching a few years ago. I healed body, soul and spirit in community with amazing friends and family. “Phoenix from the ashes” time fertilized my dreams and desires. So many blessings arose in 2015.

1. I am in a home that “rises up to meet me.

2. I have “creative families of belonging” with the SARK community and Queens Creative community. Organizations like Inspired Word, Boundless Tales, Nature of the Muse, Risk of Discovery have been such fertile ground for creative growth and support.

3. Several pieces of my work were published this year.

4. I have been a featured writer at many wonderful venues including “The NYC Poetry Festival.”

5. I have been blessed with my first Arts Grant.

6. I went out on my “first date” in years.

7. I started “The Enchanted Goddess: Literary Creative Arts Series.”

8. I was featured Literary Artist on “ArtistSpace” webtv series and on a QPTV series.

  This year, I plan to attain additional Grant funding, publish more work and write my first book. I will continue to take creative courses to expand my horizons. I am open to a loving partnership with a man this year. I am looking forward to picking up a paintbrush this year and nourishing my life in full color!

  I have a bounty of loving creative powerhouses in my life, who light the way for me and have taken me under their wings – Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer, Audrey Dimola, Mari Cor and SARK. I am eternally grateful for their inspiration, wisdom and love! Also I am so grateful for ALL of my fellow Queens Creatives – who collaborate, dream and support my creative visions going forward. I truly love you and respect your craft! 

  And finally, “the wind beneath my wings” my cherished friends who love and cheerlead me along the way: Allie, Annette, Mr.Fab, Paula, Helen, my sisters Mary & Patti and all my “Enchanted Goddesses” that have made this journey so FABULOUS! Anything is possible with you by my side!!!

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