Are we having too much fun?


  Life is funny. Just when you think things are winding down – you crank it up! We are all the ages we’ve ever been. So don’t just put your word on the page. Don’t just get up and speak them at an Open Mic. Dance up a storm after! 

  Celebrate your creativity. Celebrate your newly found community. Celebrate your treasured friends, family and new families of belonging. We can do this at any decade in time.

  Dancing the night away is a great start. I have found my voice. I have found my people. I have found out that my friends and family lovingly support me. Can I allow myself to find my voice? To allow myself to create and perform? Can I have fun, while getting published, get a grant or be on TV?

  The answer is a resounding “YES!” I am cavorting with “The Enchanted Goddesses” and writing my first book “The Enchanted Goddess of Queens.” I taking new classes with SARK, Julia Cameron and QCA. I color in my activities in my magical planner. I go on adventures with treasured friends. I laugh, I cry, I dance my life out loud! When are you going to join me?

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