Succulent Wild Love…


  Now I have your attention! How do we find love? Where do we find the guts? How do we recover from loss of love? Can you trust again? Is true love possible? All these questions and more, are joyfully answered in “Succulent Wild Love!” 

  I have been following this fierce female (SARK) for decades, and her journey speaks to millions of women and men around the world.  Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy met her soulmate, Dr. John Waddell on a “Law of Attraction” cruise. 

  No, you can’t make this up! Susan recounts her prelude to the cruise and their meeting in the book, in a beguiling and open hearted way. At midlife, a “soulfully single” and a “widower” meet. John says to her, “I am uniquely qualified to adore you.” And that was the beginning of their love journey together! 

  Susan and John went hand in hand, to write a book about their journey, in a fresh and fun way! Joyful solutions are discussed, for “bumps in the road” or to simple compromises. There are fun “Awareness Practice” excercises at the end of each chapter. 

  The typography is in color and there are lots of colorful original drawings, photographs and colorful interviews of couples and soulful singles. And did I tell you, there is a “queen sized bunk bed” in their story? Think 20 year olds on a camping trip!

  I was delightfully entertained and mesmerized by this book, which is about a tender hearted topic of love and partnership. It was eloquent, poignant, open hearted and funny! 

  This book in format, is unlike any book I know, on relationships and love. It is fresh and creative in delivering the message of self love, trust and being joyfully single or coupled. 

  I would recommend this book to all my friends and those who are ready for “the grand adventure of love.” I laughed and cried, while reading this book. Run out and get it! Tell me what you think about it!


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