Celebrating Wonder Women’s Month


We are ALL Wonder Women! Women accomplish so many feats in so many arenas in our lives. Our families (our heart) takes center stage in all we do, while we navigate the waters of career, relationships, health, community, soul nourishment….

  We encompass the universe – Gaia: Earth Mother in the very fabric of our beings. Our hearts warm the hearths of home and hearts beyond. Our talents and gifts are streams that run through every person and event that crosses our paths. Our spiritual electricity powers every particle and being of breath along our path each day. 
  We are wondrous miraculous beings! We love, work, cook, console, clean, create, lead, designate, collaborate – all in a single breath. Our power is undeniable. It is up to us to recognize it and suit up. No one else is responsible for our peace or happiness.
  In my life, I felt like men had all the power and that females were meant to follow their lead. My divine feminine wisdom rattled that cage, since I was 7 years old. I knew it was b.s. I looked to warrior women in history – Queens, Saints, Inventors, Goddesses and Wise Women through the ages. 
  They marched to “the beat of their own drum.” That worked for me – to see the rumbling whispers of my soul – spring out onto the pages in books and journals. It fueled me and validated my sacred knowings, planting seeds in my soul.
  Fast forward decades later, it has been my life’s mission to bring the awakening of the divine feminine – that has been knocking on all of our doors for decades! By stepping into my Goddess or Wonder Woman self – I consciously acknowledge and incorporate all the glorious aspects of my female being! Why don’t you ALL join me!!!

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