The Joy of Skipping 


  Think 3rd grade, on a sunny day. The sun warming your upturned face, with the wind in your hair, as you gleefully skip down your block. I felt like I could fly, when I skipped. I thought anything was possible. I felt invincible. Pure joy emoted from my pores. A path of endless possibilities and dreams coming true, stretched before me.

  Wow! All these powerful and positive memories were unleashed from my long forgotten memory’s DNA, until a few weeks ago! I met a new friend, Kim aka Skipper, and the founder of the revolution!  “When the student is ready, a teacher appears!” My outlook on life cruising in midlife and beyond, will never be the same again!

  From the first tentative attempt “to skip” beyond my 5th decade of life, was interesting.  Kim sent instructions “Step, hop. Step,hop.” And I did and haven’t stopped since!

  I was too self conscious to take on this venture publicly, so I practiced down the long vacant hallways between classes, in the school I teach.  I felt free, young and magical!  Then I found out that there were cameras in the hallways, so I decided to continue skipping – for their viewing pleasure.  I now started skipping with my 3rd grade students down the hall at dismissal time. 

  Skipping has unlocked a treasure trove of long forgotten joyous girlhood memories! I realize that I am still that wild, creative and joyful girl – in present time! It is like the “tapping” revolution- but with your feet! The muscles hold memories in our bodies. Skipping recovers the joy and happiness in our lives – it might just be the antidote to Prozac!

  I am challenging Weight Watchers to include “skipping” on their list of fitness activities!  Skipping is a great workout – it elevates your heartbeat and your spirits at the same time!  I foresee The Enchanted Goddesses having skipping adventures in Astoria Park, this Spring for sure!


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