Feminism is Not a Dirty Word



 Women have choices today. To stay or go in marital partnerships. To have a career, a family or both are now viable options. Thanks to the feminist movement.

Young women need to take the pressure off themselves. I wish I knew this a few decades ago. Only 8% of Baby Boomer women went to college back in the day. The prevailing cultural pressure to attain the “Mrs.” Degree was paramount.   

When the “Feminism Wave” hit, young women were expected to carry am MBA & Mrs. Degree concurrently. Having it all – meant doing it all. Accomplishing a full time career and manage a household became all the “de riguer.” 

Young women became overburdened and overwhelmed going decades forward. With the war of the sexes, escalating with the divorce rate tipping over 50%, women are left bereft.

And now at her 8th decade, Gloria sets a course correction for the trajectory of young women going forward today. Explore creativity and find a life that is meaningful and satisfying for you. Don’t rush in where fools dare to go. 

Celebrate your exquisite gifts and hone them. Find your center and ground your values and dreams firmly in your life. Before embarking on a contracted cohabitation journey that produces progeny – find yourself.
Medicated, sleep deprived, overextended in time, finances and emotional duties – she collapses. 

It takes her decades to recoup, regroup and regenerate. There is no stopwatch in our lives. Scrap the timetables and just be YOU!
In my life, I didn’t wake up until I turned fifty. 

A glorious, overwhelming life swept me up like a rip tide. Career, family, divorce, health challenges, community commitments, death and redemption took decades to ride. 

  The next step was reinvention through living life consciously. Shedding the shackles societal expectations of female roles finally! Time for creativity and regenerativity – finally! 
 Young women don’t have to wait decades to do this. Get ahead of the wave and do it now, before  you jump into the deep end of the pool.

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