Loss and Light 


Photo credit: screenshot from FB video of SARK

This is one of the most profound, loving and joyous tributes to the physical loss of a soulmate, by Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy for her beloved John Waddell, (video is on SARK’s FB page.) Her words of courage, that conveyed a deeply spiritual connection, that goes beyond this life.


  Susan spoke with such tenderness, clarity and humor. She is a light bearer to what transpires when a loved one dies. I am so moved by her words. She gives us all hope – with a new lense to bring joy and transcendence to this baffling transition for us all. She wrote a brilliant book, “Glad No Matter What” several years ago, that provide comfort and insight to millions.

  Susan spoke of being a “Greening Window” versus a “grieving widow.” John’s wishes were to have Susan honor her joy through the process. To wear bright colors, crack jokes (ei. “There are advantages to being in a relationship in the non-physical…) and to celebrate the ongoing love relationship with her beloved.

  What a fresh uplifting shift of perception on death -to accept and experience love from beyond. Wow!!!  She also talked about the “Sudden Villages” (coined by France’s Weller) that form, surrounding the passing of a loved one and their families of belonging. I am so moved by the love and joy that is commingled with the pain of loss.
  Her new book, cowritten with her beloved John, “Succulent Wild Love” was just released in 2015. Susan continues on her journey of love with John, in life, in her teachings and in new adventures. Follow her, she is wise and so “grace under fire.” We can learn and grow, by her experiences.
   I have spoken personally via telecasts, with Susan and John during the past two years. What an honor and privilege it has been! I have basked in their joy of creating and giving love creatively and in community. I have reaped the benefits of opening my own heart to love again and heartily and hungrily embrace the six habits of their book, “Succulent Wild Love.”  It’s a must read for all of us, it lights the way, as no other can!

   I am humbled, deeply grateful and in awe of these gifted, loving and wildly creative souls. An earthquake of recognition, that “Love is forever” and reaches from beyond our physical states is huge! We are so blessed by Susan and John’s ongoing celebration of love! 

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