“A Man with a Mission”


A life so full with family, health and friends

That approaching ninety is not the end.

That you can live a rich full life,

And embrace hope, with a second wife.

Dad marches across the decades seamlessly,

While being strong and vital effortlessly.

His tribe of eight watch in wonder,

As he runs around and has optimism without conundrum.

That doesn’t often takes place,

Of a person occupying this age parking space.

He drives cross country and travels,

With memories of forty years with my mom, he does not unravel.

Leading the way,

By facing each new day,

With a fresh start in his heart.

A father’s wisdom does he lovingly impart.

I find answers to the reasons

Of the ways into all the seasons,

Of major changes of home, career and heart.

And gives us courage for our own fresh starts.

In life, health and love,

Anchored with prayers from above.

With his steely Taurus resilience conquers all the phases,

Of stunning losses and life changes.

His eternal youth cultivated by Joan, his loving spouse,

Has given him great health and a beautiful house.

With satisfying longevity 

He has blessed us with many decades of levity.

As a career educator well into his eighties,

Half of his children followed in his footsteps gratefully.

Into such a satisfying career,

Into the future we did not fear.

We are blessed by his ongoing legacy,

Running around way past seventy,

As a happy octogenarian!

Thank you Dad for forging the way, we love you always!

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