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Succulent Wild Love…


  Now I have your attention! How do we find love? Where do we find the guts? How do we recover from loss of love? Can you trust again? Is true love possible? All these questions and more, are joyfully answered in “Succulent Wild Love!” 

  I have been following this fierce female (SARK) for decades, and her journey speaks to millions of women and men around the world.  Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy met her soulmate, Dr. John Waddell on a “Law of Attraction” cruise. 

  No, you can’t make this up! Susan recounts her prelude to the cruise and their meeting in the book, in a beguiling and open hearted way. At midlife, a “soulfully single” and a “widower” meet. John says to her, “I am uniquely qualified to adore you.” And that was the beginning of their love journey together! 

  Susan and John went hand in hand, to write a book about their journey, in a fresh and fun way! Joyful solutions are discussed, for “bumps in the road” or to simple compromises. There are fun “Awareness Practice” excercises at the end of each chapter. 

  The typography is in color and there are lots of colorful original drawings, photographs and colorful interviews of couples and soulful singles. And did I tell you, there is a “queen sized bunk bed” in their story? Think 20 year olds on a camping trip!

  I was delightfully entertained and mesmerized by this book, which is about a tender hearted topic of love and partnership. It was eloquent, poignant, open hearted and funny! 

  This book in format, is unlike any book I know, on relationships and love. It is fresh and creative in delivering the message of self love, trust and being joyfully single or coupled. 

  I would recommend this book to all my friends and those who are ready for “the grand adventure of love.” I laughed and cried, while reading this book. Run out and get it! Tell me what you think about it!


The Substance of a Woman


  What is the true substance of a woman?  Her perceived weakness of humanity, ushers in true strength. How many times have we been told “Just like a woman….”, “You’re too emotional” “Female drivers!” “Female hormones could destroy decision making…” 
  We have been force fed this cultural crap for centuries. It has been downloaded into the collective consciousness. This is a time of awakening. A time of synergistically walking together as females and males in peace and acceptance of all the gifts we bring to the table.
  No more “War of the Roses” gotcha mentality. No more competing or tearing each other down. The ting and the yang of our couplings in love and creation – spans all areas of our life! Together we can create a world beyond our wildest dreams!
  It has taken a long time for me to get to this place. The veil has been lifted from my eyes. Partnership creates. After being on this planet for decades, in numerous incarnations of my life – there is such beauty, challenges and creation in a loving partnership. I have an amazing daughter, as the fruit of one of those partnerships. 
  I have time traveled through the stages of ingĂ©nue, career woman, mother, friend, in law, lover, community activist, educator….. in partnership. Love adds jet fuel to dreams. It stands by us. I am a hopeless romantic with a warrior heart. I will have the courage to stand in the field of love and partnership again. It’s my dharma. 



  This speaks to me. We can be spectacularly unique, fluid and changing, but still be complete in this very moment in time. Yet the masterpiece of me and you, are definitely works in progress. 

  Me, as I know me, is a beautiful midlife creative writer, mother, teacher, lover, friend and bridge builder. I have been this masterpiece all my life! As the decades march on, I still embody all these roles of being. Spectacularly, I might add. And so do all of you!

  Take a peek behind the curtain of your life. Look at how “12 years old” you are in so many aspects of your life! This is where the “alchemy” comes in your “work in progress” parts of your life. 

  A new career, an empty nest or a divine unrest stirs. Impetus for broad brush strokes of new living, loving and creating are in the air! Do you dare to look under the bed? 

  Will it herald an invitation to dance to write a book, start a new business, settle old business, a love affair with yourself or another, a new creative venture, tango lessons, an excursion to Bali…..

 Well, after decades of full time teaching, I did. I opened that door. I left a marriage I had outgrown. My divine daughter was grown and on her own path.  I left a career overcome with layers of bureaucracy. I bought my own home of belonging, in Queens (of course!) I took classes, did various odd jobs of teaching gigs and started to write and actively create. I was finally “allowed out to play” in my life.

  A new fresh creative community of friends and mentors entered my life. Rekindling of tried and true long term friendships with new adventures ensued. Dancing, dating and blue hair with bohemian flair graces my new life. Open Mic’s, gallery shows, artist events galore knock at my door. 

  With rapidly beating heart, I will be curating and hosting my first show “Celebrating Queens Women Artists” next month. I am also starting to write my first book “The Enchanted Goddess of Queens.” Just jumping into the deep end of the pool, I am!

  Within the first year , after leaving my career, I published several pieces of work, was featured in “The NYC Poetry Festival” “Queens Lit Fest” and on QPTV shows “The World of Art” and “ArtistSpace” as well as received my first QAI Grant. I also started “The Enchanted Goddess: Literary Creative Arts Series.” Not bad for a “work in progress!”

 I know that you can do this too! Life is an adventure, if you dare to dive in. The “forever young” are the bold of heart – like us! Being a work in progress, is a great place to be – flexible, sensual, open, adventurous and endlessly creative. That is how malleable our lives are. 

  So what colorful brushstrokes are you going to use, with this great big wonderful masterpiece of your life? Keep us posted!

Are we having too much fun?


  Life is funny. Just when you think things are winding down – you crank it up! We are all the ages we’ve ever been. So don’t just put your word on the page. Don’t just get up and speak them at an Open Mic. Dance up a storm after! 

  Celebrate your creativity. Celebrate your newly found community. Celebrate your treasured friends, family and new families of belonging. We can do this at any decade in time.

  Dancing the night away is a great start. I have found my voice. I have found my people. I have found out that my friends and family lovingly support me. Can I allow myself to find my voice? To allow myself to create and perform? Can I have fun, while getting published, get a grant or be on TV?

  The answer is a resounding “YES!” I am cavorting with “The Enchanted Goddesses” and writing my first book “The Enchanted Goddess of Queens.” I taking new classes with SARK, Julia Cameron and QCA. I color in my activities in my magical planner. I go on adventures with treasured friends. I laugh, I cry, I dance my life out loud! When are you going to join me?

Visions for the New Year


  A fresh page and a fresh start is how we begin each year. Many times we start out with a massive  “to do list” for the upcoming year. Not fun. Not juicy. Not tantalizing. The list becomes the club that we hit ourselves over the head with each day and month that ensues. Hold the phone! We are going to stop doing this right now!

  Let’s focus on the amazing things that happened last year and build on these successes. The new job, new haircut, new creative endeavor, the difficult conversation we finally had, the new friends we made, the risks we took…. Yay!!!! That’s where we start!

    Being grateful for what we have and what we’ve done, is a fertile ground for new dreams and desires to be planted. Tiny seeds reap huge harvests. Water with love, attention and support. Fertilize with action. Write down intentions, journal dreams, take courses and talk about your dreams. The Universe is listening with open arms. 

  This is the year that you start playing guitar, going to the gym, save for a house, explore a new career, new love or start a family. Maybe you want to explore traveling, painting or learning a new language. Just write it down and plant the seeds. Read articles and research about your desires. Just watch the universe rise up to meet you in fulfilling your dreams!

  In my life, 2015 has been a groundbreaking year! I had dreams of being published, starting a “The Enchanted Goddess” group and sharing my message in print media and TV. I planted these seeds in my journals. I researched articles, tore out images that supported my dreams and took creative classes. I wrote my first piece of published work eight years ago and then put it in a draw.

  I moved, divorced and left my long term career in teaching a few years ago. I healed body, soul and spirit in community with amazing friends and family. “Phoenix from the ashes” time fertilized my dreams and desires. So many blessings arose in 2015.

1. I am in a home that “rises up to meet me.

2. I have “creative families of belonging” with the SARK community and Queens Creative community. Organizations like Inspired Word, Boundless Tales, Nature of the Muse, Risk of Discovery have been such fertile ground for creative growth and support.

3. Several pieces of my work were published this year.

4. I have been a featured writer at many wonderful venues including “The NYC Poetry Festival.”

5. I have been blessed with my first Arts Grant.

6. I went out on my “first date” in years.

7. I started “The Enchanted Goddess: Literary Creative Arts Series.”

8. I was featured Literary Artist on “ArtistSpace” webtv series and on a QPTV series.

  This year, I plan to attain additional Grant funding, publish more work and write my first book. I will continue to take creative courses to expand my horizons. I am open to a loving partnership with a man this year. I am looking forward to picking up a paintbrush this year and nourishing my life in full color!

  I have a bounty of loving creative powerhouses in my life, who light the way for me and have taken me under their wings – Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer, Audrey Dimola, Mari Cor and SARK. I am eternally grateful for their inspiration, wisdom and love! Also I am so grateful for ALL of my fellow Queens Creatives – who collaborate, dream and support my creative visions going forward. I truly love you and respect your craft! 

  And finally, “the wind beneath my wings” my cherished friends who love and cheerlead me along the way: Allie, Annette, Mr.Fab, Paula, Helen, my sisters Mary & Patti and all my “Enchanted Goddesses” that have made this journey so FABULOUS! Anything is possible with you by my side!!!



  We are blessed, when we become “the light” in the darkness. In the darkness of disappointments, defeat, death in life or love, we can be overcome. In this “season of light” celebrated by so many cultures and religions – we find the light within us.

   It emboldens us to become retrospective and courageous in our lives. We explore the topography of our souls through the decades. Creativity is the conduit for it to reveal, because it bypasses the mind and cultural expectations. 

  We write in a journal, paint, plant seeds, compose music, crochet a blanket of dreams, play an instrument, dance the night away…… This is how our souls become illuminated and the darkness dissipates. 

  Suddenly we can see what path to take. We become “the light” for others in darkness to follow. We share our experience, strength and hope with others. Holidays are like that, especially during Winter Solstice time.

  During this time, I string multiple strands of warm glowing colored lights throughout my home. When the sun goes down at 4:30 pm, my candles and mercury glass orbs light up automatically. I feel welcomed into my home and illuminated in spirit. 

  My soul is uplifted and my dreams activated. There is hope of warmth and long days of light on the horizon.  I pick up a pen and write – as the muse flows through me. I write poetry and prose that charts my path, while speaking to others. I create a warm, loving light filled home, that rises to welcome me and my fellow soul travelers. 

  I chronicle my dreams and desires. I go out and share and celebrate them with my cherished friends and family. I create new adventures for The Enchanted Goddess community. I take creative classes, workshops and webinars. I participate and feature at local Open Mic’s and Poetry Readings. I create with a thriving creative community in Queens – I am illuminated by them!

‘Tis the Season


  When it is 60 degrees in December, it scrambles your Holiday mojo. We process our lives through our senses. It is not through our mind that memories are created. By living as sentient beings and activating our six senses, is how it is done.

  I am experiencing synesthesia this season. I have not been “feeling” the Holidays, and I love the Holidays! I matter how I “think” about the shopping, decorating and planning the festivities, I just don’t feel it. I barely see the decorated shop windows or process the Christmas music. My wires are crossed – I don’t feel the chill in the air or the cold bite in my palate.

   So the Holidays don’t exist in my world. Decorations still in storage. Lights not hung. Baking hasn’t started. I did send out My Christmas cards and did some shopping though. Tee shirts and sweatshirts in December don’t inspire the Christmas spirit in me. It’s confusing, but I’m not going to panic. Jack Frost will pay me a visit soon.

  And just in time, today with barely one week before Christmas, there was a plunge in temperature. My nose was cold and I needed gloves outside. And like magic, my Holiday mojo was back!  I strung pine garland and lights on my terrace. I got out my Christmas mini trees and decor from storage. Before the night was over, the windows and bookcases were festooned with multicolored lights, warming up my living room. It felt right. It felt festive. It felt like Christmas.

  Tomorrow I’ll get my tree and run with my newly activated Holiday spirit. I only have 6 days until the big day.  Maybe an army of elves will help me with the rest of the shopping, wrapping, decorating, cooking and baking. Thank you Jack Frost for coming just in time!

Radical Gratitude is in the Air!


  What a magnificent season of blessings it is! Nature bursts into riotous colorful song. Family and friends gather around the Thanksgiving table, celebrating their blessings together! My brother and his family, my daughter and her father and  several friends of mine sat and reveled! 

   I am so grateful for my amazing family and friends! I am grateful for my creative community! I am grateful for the best friends in the world! I am grateful for a gifted, living in her truth daughter. I am grateful for my students. I am grateful for the fabulous Enchanted Goddesses. I am grateful for my health and well being. I am grateful for my home and magical Merlin.

   Go out and enjoy the sunshine and bask in the bounty of your blessings! You are so loved!!! 

Paradise found in Socrates Park on an Autumnal Wandering…


Autumn is my season. Brisk bites and warm insouciance breezes linger on my skin. The palette of brilliant color to contrast the shortening of daylight delights my soul. 

Socrates Park is my favorite haunt – my muse! With notebook and camera in hand, I scamper off for another adventure of the senses! The succulent breezes, rustling leaves, bursting color against the sky, salty fetid scents and crunchy leaves beneath my feet, fills me with delight and wandering musings.